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Hi. I am still fat

Sooooo, I have not written in a very long time. And that is because I have been eating.

Last Nov/December I had started on a re-freshed weight loss effort. My motivation was my friend’s wedding where I was going to be a bridesmaid. I deliberately sent measurements that were an inch less than the real ones to force me to lose weight. If i was fat, I woudn’t be able to fit into the dress.

I did very well by going down from 91.2kg to 87.2kg.

BUT! I ended up not being able to go for the wedding because of finances.

PLUS, December happened.

So, I have re-gained it all… well, I was 90.2 this morning 😦

The Goal

I would like to lose 10kgs by 30 April 2017 – 3.5 months from now

Part 1: I want to drop 5kgs first. This needs to happen by 15 February – About a month from now. This equates to about 1kg per week. And I believe it is possible as I have done it before.

Part 2: After the first 5kg is done, I will work towards the other 5kgs. I know it will be harder, that’s why I am giving myself more time to get rid of it.

I am hoping that by 30 April, I would have adopted healthier eating habits, smaller portions and more exercise.

The 2017 Plan

To fight the fat, I am going to eat less. My new job makes that very possible. I am too far from any shops and so, can’t just go out the door for a quick snack.

Whatever I bring from home is all I can eat.

I don’t eat breakfast anymore. I only have lunch at 12pm. Usually I will have 3 or 4 slices of bread with tomato, ham and slice of cheese. And then not eat anything until I have supper at home.

Yesterday I was bad and spent waaaay too much money on a piece of carrot cake from the coffee shop downstairs. That won’t be happening again because it is a waste of money and I ALWAYS feel bad when I eat like that.

One thing I need to learn how to do is to portion control dinner. Because my last meal was at lunch, I find myself eating way too much at supper.

Last week I did ok with regards to this “diet”, but had potato chips and other stuff. The weekend I binged quite a bit – IT WAS BAD. Wolfing down 8 KFC wings + a big packet of potato chips is not normal.

I want to start running.. even if it is for 10 minutes. That’s where the challenge is going to be.




I’ve been quiet… but I’ve been winning

I’ve had some success so far this year. It’s been two months of 2015, and I have seen an 87kg on my scale 3 times already…. compare this to seeing an 87kg only once since October 2014.

I’m a small steps and small goals type of person, because I get overwhelmed quite quickly and easily. So, when I was at my highest weight last year, 91kg, I worked to see it drop to 90kg, then I swung between 91 and 90 for a few months, then began swinging between 89kg and 90kg for a lot of months last year… then it became a battle between 88kg and 89kg… now this year, I started off at 89kg (after I ONLY gained 1kg during Christmas), then have managed to basically stay in the 88kg zone.

Obviously, I now want to see the scale swinging between 87kg and 88kg… This month, February, the least I have weighed was 87.4kg last weekend, but I went back into the 88 this week.

Such small but definite progress is important for me to stay focused and believe I can do it.

I wrote about swimming to lose weight through out February, and I haven’t really been consistent. I only swam once last week… and only once this week.

But I have been walking home (30 minutes) everyday from work and I believe it has been helpful.

My eating has generally been good… I obviously have had mishaps… but no binging episodes, and I allow myself to enjoy that small chocolate or biscuit.

Time for an experiment – In the pool

I’ve rediscovered my love for swimming and want to see if it can help me lose weight.

I’m NOT good at swimming at all. I only learned how to swim when I was about 16 and have hardly stepped into a pool in the last 10 years or so.

Now, one of the reasons why I joined my current gym was because they had a pool (two, in fact).  I did do some swimming at first, but stopped for whatever reason.. I can’t even remember.

Now, On Saturday, I went for a swim… 30minutes. It was lovely. I really enjoyed it and the 30 minutes passed by so fast. On Monday I didn’t go to the gym, but I went on Tuesday and only did 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Yesterday and today I went and did 30 Minutes of swimming. Very enjoyable, but tiring.

Last week,  I managed to drop 1kg… but I regained it this week because of drinking a lot at the weekend, and unhealthy take-aways the last couple of days (We’ve been having blackouts, #AFRICA, meaning we can’t cook and have to buy food, and I’m yet to discover ”healthy” take-aways).


Quite a few articles I have read on swimming for weight loss say it is not a good idea. 1) swimming increases your appetite (This is very true in my case) 2) you stop burning calories once you are out of the pool, 3) It makes you so tired you don’t want to do anything else (very true in my case).

But, there are testimonies from people saying they have managed to drop kilos and get a trimmer body from swimming… And I want to see if I can be one of those people. I have a couple of items of clothing that I’ve tried on today, that would fit better on me if I lost some weight.

So, for the next 4 weeks, I’d like to swim at least 5 times a week and see if there is a difference on the scale, or at least with the centimetres (I’ve been reading that swimming may increase your weight because of muscle build-up).

When I swim, I really DO feel it… like when your muscles “vibrate” from a good work out. And I like that feeling!

Do any of you guys swim as part of your weight loss regime? Have you lost weight from it?

Lets see what happens on 28 February!!

To swim or to run?

I’m about to go to the gym, and am deciding if I want to run or swim…

Swimming is choice number 1, but I straightened my hair this morning and It’d mean that was a waste of my time.

But I really don’t feel like running, though it would be a quick and effective work out.

I didn’t exercise much last week (though I had a great swimming session on Saturday).

My drinking over the weekend has cause some weight to creep back.

So, I definitely need to up my exercise this week.

I’ll decide when I get to the gym.


EDIT: I ended up running on the treadmill… A hard 15 minutes