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Hi. I am still fat

Sooooo, I have not written in a very long time. And that is because I have been eating.

Last Nov/December I had started on a re-freshed weight loss effort. My motivation was my friend’s wedding where I was going to be a bridesmaid. I deliberately sent measurements that were an inch less than the real ones to force me to lose weight. If i was fat, I woudn’t be able to fit into the dress.

I did very well by going down from 91.2kg to 87.2kg.

BUT! I ended up not being able to go for the wedding because of finances.

PLUS, December happened.

So, I have re-gained it all… well, I was 90.2 this morning 😦

The Goal

I would like to lose 10kgs by 30 April 2017 – 3.5 months from now

Part 1: I want to drop 5kgs first. This needs to happen by 15 February – About a month from now. This equates to about 1kg per week. And I believe it is possible as I have done it before.

Part 2: After the first 5kg is done, I will work towards the other 5kgs. I know it will be harder, that’s why I am giving myself more time to get rid of it.

I am hoping that by 30 April, I would have adopted healthier eating habits, smaller portions and more exercise.

The 2017 Plan

To fight the fat, I am going to eat less. My new job makes that very possible. I am too far from any shops and so, can’t just go out the door for a quick snack.

Whatever I bring from home is all I can eat.

I don’t eat breakfast anymore. I only have lunch at 12pm. Usually I will have 3 or 4 slices of bread with tomato, ham and slice of cheese. And then not eat anything until I have supper at home.

Yesterday I was bad and spent waaaay too much money on a piece of carrot cake from the coffee shop downstairs. That won’t be happening again because it is a waste of money and I ALWAYS feel bad when I eat like that.

One thing I need to learn how to do is to portion control dinner. Because my last meal was at lunch, I find myself eating way too much at supper.

Last week I did ok with regards to this “diet”, but had potato chips and other stuff. The weekend I binged quite a bit – IT WAS BAD. Wolfing down 8 KFC wings + a big packet of potato chips is not normal.

I want to start running.. even if it is for 10 minutes. That’s where the challenge is going to be.




Accountability: Day 11!

Waw… I can’t believe I’ve been this consistent!

Food Diary

Mid-morning – 1 slice low calorie bread, 1 slice of cheese

Lunch – Sweet Potato and butternut with a small chicken breast

Mid-afternoon – Chocolate

Dinner – 1/5 cup rice with minced meat mixed with veggies, spinach, 2 glasses of wine

MyFitness Pal Summary:

20 Aug Thur

The chocolate was my worst food choice of the day. They were given to us in the office, and, of course, Sharon couldn’t say NO.

My biggest shame is that I didn’t exercise yesterday. Reasons ranged from someone coming to see a couch I’m selling, to the mountain of work I need to get done.

Today I don’t have an excuse, and will do my 10 minutes.

I just read an article on MyFitness Pal website about a woman’s journey to lose weight, and she did it thorugh recording her food on the App. She said she included EVERY SINGLE DAY, good ones and bad one. This was very motivating for me, as I have been doing the same.

Proud of myself

Last night, I had a function to attend. A club was launching their new summer menu.

Platters with little burgers , prawns on a stick and oyster shots were going round…. and so was the alcohol.

Now. I am (was???) a person who lost all control when presented with food. Mind you, these waiters came my way plenty of times, but I only had two little burgers and two prawns (so, 4 little prawns in total) before a sit-down dinner. Another thing to keep in mind is that I did not know that there would be a sit-down dinner, so my self-control was based on my self-control.

Then we went inside for the dinner. It was presented in a ‘taste’ manner… i.e starters/mains/desserts of small sizes of their new menu… so 4 items on each plate/course. I did not… and I will repeat this, did not finish every single bit of food on my plates! I had a bit of each item, and went back for a second bite of items I enjoyed…. on all 3 courses!!

WP_20141007_022 WP_20141007_026 WP_20141007_028

There was a time when I would have made sure nothing on that plate survives. There was a time when I would be sooooo stuffed I’d ask God why he only gave us one stomach, because I will want more food but have no more space for it.

But last night, my tummy felt comfortable. I did not want to go into a corner and die, or regret eating so much or want to vomit it all out (which has happened on too many occasions)

HOWEVER, I did drink quite a bit of wine…. yea… that is something I am currently learning —-> to reduce the amount of wine I drink as part of my weight loss efforts.

Write, don’t spend?

I’ve come to the realisation that I have two vices in life…OVER-EATING and OVER-SPENDING. The food part I’ve been aware of for many years. However, the spending is something I realised I have a big problem with at the weekend.

I’m always broke, but I’d always thought that was because I was bad with money. But I’m not bad with money, I’m bad with wanting to spend it all. Within 2 or 3 days of getting paid, I’ll be on the broke side of the spectrum.

Now, I have come to the realisation that I am addicted to spending. I will swipe my card like there is no tomorrow buying things like food and drinks (See why I’m so overweight???). I rarely have something physical to show for my spending. There are all kinds of things that I need, new bedding, new pots, new curtains…and I always have intentions of buying these things.

My budget usually looks quite healthy, and because of this, I feel ”rich” and find myself swiping more than intended. Every month I tell myself, this time it’s going to be different…but that is almost never the case.

Anyway, hopefully because I have recognised this very real problem, I will start researching on how NOT TO SPEND. I still have a bit of money left…mainly because I did not put anything into savings, and a couple of my friends owe me a bit of money.

But, I am hoping I survive this month, and avoid avoid avoid spending a lot of money of food I shouldn’t be having to begin with.

Maybe I should create a spending diary to see if I can curb and keep track of my spending…yeah?