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Only gained 1kg during the holidays

After 2.5 weeks of eating whatever I want, I only put on 1kg!

To say I am thrilled is an understatement. I drank it all, wine, ciders, beers, cocktails. I ate it all, (including carbs…rice, potatoes, chips, cakes, biscuits). But, somehow, I only put on 1kg.

I don’t know if there is something about Zimbabwean food that makes u gain less weight. Or I actually ate less than I thought I was. I don’t know.

I was also kinda active… house chores and the like kept me on my feet.

I did a total of 4 exercise sessions in my two weeks there. I need to up my exercise, though. Because I’m feeling more tired than usual after climbing stairs or walking up a little hill.

I’ve now gone back to low-carb with my one cheat meal per week.

My goal is to lose 10kgs before my sister’s wedding in July. That means losing only 2kgs per month…That’s a mere 500g per week (1pound per week.)

I’ll be going back into the gym and making the most of it before my membership expires in May or so.

Today I am 89.2kg…let’s check-in again next Wednesday.


I’ve had a bad week

So, last week had been going fine, then I had to go for a 24 hour retreat thing for work.

It was basically 24hours of delicious food and  1st class wine.

Of course I mentally prepped myself for the challenges ahead.

However, when each of the 12 courses on the first night were presented, I had to try them all…right?

Fortunately, MOST of them were carb-free salad type of dishes. There was a curry dish with rice, but I only ate the lamb, and there was pulled pork in a bun, I only ate the pork.

However, when dessert was presented, I lost my mind!

The next day we had a couple of physical activities, meaning I could burn one or two of the previous night’s calories.

Lunch, I was actually quite well behaved. I didn’t have any bread, and did not have the potato salad (…I wept!). I had the green salads (and some of the “bad” veggies such as beetroot) and chicken and cheese.

I also had a little bit of dessert and some macaroons later in the day.

Naturally, because I ate so much, one would expect me to be stricter with my eating.

But on Monday I was craving chocolate (something that has not happened in FOREVER!), So I ended up having a Bounty (It had the least amount of carbs for the budget I had).

Then on Tuesday, one of my work colleagues was leaving and we had beer and potato chips.

I had about 50g of chips and one beer…. I felt terrible.

Surprisingly I’ve not gained any weight…This morning I was 89.5kg.

I’m adding exercise now, to help my body shift the weight.

I’ll start off with intense 10 minute exercises.

Here’s to another week!



I have pressed the Re-Set button

So, I began my no-carb journey last week.  Based on my other attempts at diets in my whole life, it was a success.

And by success I mean the only “real” carbs I had in 7 days were popcorn and 2 slices of home-made bread.

However, my drinking was kinda high…and I had 3 biscuits and a tablespoon of pasta on Saturday.

My reward? I dropped 200grams. lol!

My 1st week of going carb free did not make me lose as much weight as I thought I would. I believe I probably ate too many calories… but based on my MyFitness Pal food logs, I never went over 1400 calories.

And for whatever reason, (perhaps it’s depression at not losing any weight) I had a blueberry muffin this morning. And truth is, I enjoyed every bite of it.

I will be doing some circuit exercises this week to try work off that muffin.

But, it is back to super low-carb now.

I won’t be having high carb and high sugar veggies and fruit such as bananas, pineapple, butternut, beans and carrots etc.

I shall be sticking to only green veg… leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage with meat.

And on the fruit side, I’ll only have strawberries which are very low in sugar and calories (incredibly low in calories… like 32 calories for 100g) and some watermelon.

No more butternut and very few nuts.

Week 2, let’s do this!

Accountability: Days 12, 13, 14!!!! Yikes!

It’s been 2 weeks! I’d set a goal for 1 week, but I’ve cruised to 2 weeks with no trouble.

This is a very exciting achievement for me, considering the number of times I felt too “lazy” to log my food and then write a blog about it, but I did it anyway!

Though my eating has not been as clean as I want, I have been far more honest about my food intake that I’ve ever been. A year ago, I’d have logged my food, but would have left out that slice of cheese cake before bed, or the 2 glasses of wine I had with dinner. Basically trying the cheat the food logging app, even though I was only cheating myself.

I have also began a new phase in my weight loss journey… EXERCISE. I have began very slowly, with a 15 minute run on Friday and a 12 minute run on Sunday. The Friday run was great, because it was generally quite a fast run. Sunday, on the other hand, was hard. I was in pain and felt generally tired. I don’t know why.

Food Diary:

Friday 21 August

Mid-morning – 2 Slices Low carb bread, 3 slices cheese

Lunch – chicken leg (thigh and drumstick) and butternut

Afternoon snack – Pop Crisps 😦

Dinner – Rice, Boerewors and veggies with 3 glasses of wine

MyFitness Pal summary

21 Aug Fri

Saturday 22 August

Lunch – KFC streetwise two left overs, bacon, garlic ciabatta roll with glass of wine

Dinner – Chicken thigh and drumstick, potato salad with carrots with 4 glasses wine

MyFitness Pal summary:

22 Aug Sat

Sunday 23 August

This day was “unusual”> I hosted a tea party with cakes and things at home, meaning I had to carefully plan my meals for the day. Though my choice in the morning was 100% perfect, it was high protein.

Morning – bacon, egg, sausage and 2 slices bread.

Late afternoon snacks – 2 cupcakes, 2 slices of cheese cake (small-ish slices), sausage rolls

MyFitness Pal summary:

23 Aug Sunday

Today is a new day, I have another week ahead of me to make better decisions. It’s very enlightening knowing just how many calories I have from foods I used to eat without even thinking.

Accountability: Day Four

Yesterday started off well, and ended quite badly. I don’t know how to feel about this. I used to develop a lot of guilt when I eat badly… but all the blogs taught me not to feel bad and to focus on getting back on the right path. I’ve become very good at this, thus having more days of eating badly than eating well. Forgiving myself for mishaps became easier and easier.

I miss feeling guilty and battering myself for bad meal choices. It helped me stay on track.

Anyway, below is my meal diary for 13 August:

Mid morning breakfast – Coffee and 1 queen cake

Lunch – Broccoli and bacon salad, pasta salad with feta, 1/2 chicken breast

lunch 13 Aug

Afternoon snack – Woolworth Pop crisps (air popped potato snack)

Dinner – 1/2 cup spaghetti, broccoli and cauliflower, chicken breast

dinner 13 aug

Wine… 3 glasses of Chenin Blanc

MyFitnessPal summary

13 Aug thur

The Pop Crisps are my biggest regret. Though I enjoyed them.

So, ya…

It’s not looking good. Especially considering that I don’t exercise. The day I regain my desire to sweat, will be the beginning of better things.

There is a dress I bought that I can’t wait to wear in summer. But there is no way I can rock the dress with my arms looking the way they are.

Right now I craving a Woolworths Blueberry Muffin – 387 calories… which really isn’t bad.


I’ve gained 2kg since I last wrote

I’ve been avoiding writing, because I have been avoiding accountability for my actions. For some strange reason I have been believing that I am going to lose weight and come back to write about my amazing success story.

This has not happened. The opposite has happened and I think it is because I have been running away from facing my reality… which is that I’ve been slipping back into my old ways.

I had been drinking a lot more than usual (a couple of bottles during the week, 1 bottle on Friday, 2 bottles on Saturday, Beers on Sunday).

I have also developed a taste for mid-afternoon chocolate (Cudbary Caramel)…

Since last Saturday, I decided to quit alcohol all together for a month (to see if it’ll influence my weight-loss efforts). I managed to be alcohol free until Friday, when I had one glass of red wine, then had 2 glasses of white on Saturday evening, one glass of white on Sunday afternoon, then one glass on Monday afternoon (basically I had one bottle over a period of 3 days, as opposed to 1 bottle over a period of 3 hours).

I have just read my last two blog posts, and I have not achieved any of the goals I set for myself. I did not lose 3kgs before my birthday, which was 6 weeks ago. My weight has basically remained stagnant.

I have tried to avoid making my weight the centre of my world. I have also avoided stepping on the scale obsessively every morning like I used to so that I develop a “healthy” sense of self and existence.

This has not worked. By taking my eye off the ball, I have gained weight.

I have reset the weight loss button. I know what has worked for me in the past, and I know what needs to happen for me to lose weight.

It is time to be more accountable, watch what I eat, welcome the guilt that comes with bad food options, be proud of having a day of clean eating, and begin exercise… even if it’s just 10 minutes.

I think I know why I’ve been eating so much

You know how they say binge eating is cause by emotional problems? And I’ve never considered myself a person with emotional problems…. I’m not grieving, I haven’t broken up with anyone, I’m not depressed etc.

However, I am unhappy about work. Not the actual job itself, but I’m frustrated about my salary. I don’t want to earn more money, I NEEEEEED to earn more money. I can’t afford anything (except for food… ironically) right now and it’s frustrating.

When I was content, I could wholeheartedly concentrate on my weight loss goals and changing my mindset towards food and exercise.

Right now I feel as if I have a lot on my mind and food helps me quiet down the voices and numb the feelings of anxiety I have about the future.

I was hoping to be well on my way to saving up for a trip to Europe next year… but I don’t have enough money to be putting into savings for a trip to Zim this December, let alone a trip to Europe.

I feel like I’m floating in nothing-ness and don’t know how to jump onto the next ship and sail to contentment…. I feel stuck.

Obviously, I could job hunt and look for something else, but it’s not so easy(there aren’t a lot of positions available for me at the moment).

Anyway, I stepped on the scale and saw what I was expecting…92.0kg. I’m not surprised considering the type of weekend I had.

I had FOUR pieces of KFC chicken and wine on Friday night. Saturday my beloved boyfriend decided we were gonna have pizza for lunch (I didn’t protest because I wasn’t in the mood to argue… and I didn’t have an alternative to suggest anyway).

Saturday evening I has some more of  the left over pizza from the afternoon… with wine… then began snacking on pop corn, potato chips (with dip) and cake… in between many sips of wine. I had friends over at my place and hence the reason I “let myself go”

Sunday I woke up feeling like shit and really felt like having a veggie type of meal. I needed to get food at the shops because I had nothing in the house. I ended up getting a meal special with macaroni cheese and a broccoli and cauliflower bake and chicken nuggets. I also got some roasted chicken.

I ate half the portion of the mac & cheese and broccoli bake and some chicken thigh + drumstick.

I slept all afternoon, then had a snack of crackers and cream cheese. I have no idea how much I ate… There wasn’t much cream cheese left…about 2 tablespoons or so.

Dinner, I fried spinach with beef and had it with the left over mac & cheese and broccoli bake. And just before bed, I had a drumstick because I’m greedy.

Anyway, today is a new day. As I said in my previous blog, I’d like to lose 3kgs by my birthday on 6 July. I have 4 weeks to achieve this. It sounds easy enough in my head… but doing it is another story.

Today I am definitely walking home, and I will go on a quick 10 -15 minute run.

Something strange is happening

…This weekend I drank and ate quite a bit. Last week also, I ate a bit more than usual….

Now, I hopped onto the scale and I saw an 88.0kg… I have not seen an 88.0 since last year!… Just 100grams less, and I’ll be in the 87s! I’ve beeeeen aiming for the 87s since last October… but have been stuck between 89.5kg and 88.5kgs for months!

I can’t believe this is happening because I’ve not been exercising much…though I’ve been walking home (30minutes), from work most days. Last week I ate an extra 300 calories or so almost everyday with chocolate or ice cream. This last weekend, I drank a lot of wine, had a braai (BBQ)…where it was evident that my eating habits have definitely changed.

I had a little bit of everything… and I mean a little bit. There was a lot of food, but had much less than I would have a year ago. Last January, I would have eaten to the point of being upset that I’m full and can’t have more…but eat more anyway.

Sunday, I managed not to spend the day binging. Though I did go out and have 3 ciders in the evening.

So, this is why I am sooo surprised at the scale. I hope it’s not false hope.

Also, this week I am super broke, so I will not be able to buy ”celebratory’ food. Let’s see how this week ends… It’s gonna be interesting.

I’m slipping, I’m falling…can I get up?

I feel as if I did not do well this week. I only went to the gym on Tuesday… I did the 30 minute walk home on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Thursday I was supposed to have gone to the gym, but felt ‘lazy’. I was supposed to go at lunch time, then decided I’d go after work, then decided I’d walk home then go for a run (I walked… but didn’t run).

Procrastination is definitely my number ONE enemy.

I feel super bad about this because last week, I did very well and the scale reflected my efforts. I vowed that I would exercise this week as a way to see if running is definitely what I need to drop the kilos…. but alas… laziness got in the way.

Laziness and seeing results. This has been one of my biggest challenges. Every time I start seeing that the weight is dropping (and mind you, it’ll be something like 500gram weight loss), I get excited and chill on the exercise.

The food side, I have not fared better either. It has mainly to do with access to this extra food.

I had a piece of cake, then ice cream (BEFORE supper) on Monday . Tuesday, I may have had a chocolate… I can’t remember to be honest. Wednesday, I had ice cream (before supper again), Thursday was very bad… I had a packet of chocolate coated peanuts (a good 500 calories or so).

The chocolate coated peanuts episode was quite bad… It was one of those brainless, thoughtless, I-have-no-control moments. I inhaled those nuts in less than 10 minutes. And guess how I felt after???? I felt like shit!

And I thought to myself, you should go and run this rubbish off after work… but instead I just walked home.

Now. I need to come up with a going forward plan.

I know I am capable of changing my habits because I now drink less than half the amount of wine I used to (I used to drink every night, but now I only drink on Friday and Saturday), I have stopped my 4 or 5 afternoons per week binges that involved packets of potato chips and I stay the heck away from the bakery section. I have a large portion of mixed veggies with my lunch everyday and aim to do the half plate of veggies on my plate at supper.

Also, with the Fit2Fitness challenge I did last November, I developed a ”need to sweat” feeling every day… meaning I did at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday, even after the 30 days of the challenge was over. I fell off that wagon when I was away for 2 weeks during Christmas holidays.

Obviously, I’m not always perfect… I do slip… but these last two weeks I’ve slipped too many times.

I believe this is the year I WILL LOSE 10kgs!!! That’s all I want to lose… 10kgs… at the same time, I want to continue developing better eating habits and find… somewhere deep inside me, that love for exercise…

Of Binging and Exercising

I believe I ate too much on Saturday and Sunday.


Actually, I drank too much on Saturday, and ate too much on Sunday.

The reason why I feel bad for drinking too much on Saturday is because there was no social occasion that called for plenty of wine. I was at home alone all weekend, and there was no reason for me to overindulge as I did. I ate too much potato at supper, as a result.

On Sunday, I kinda started off on the wrong note. I had a cup of coffee with 2 pieces of carrot cake in the morning. Then I had two sausages, two boiled eggs and two slices of toast at noon. Later in the afternoon I had quite a bit of ice-cream, then decided I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a packet of potato chips, so I went to the shop to get some. Then I decided I wanted ANOTHER piece of cake! Supper was some pizza and a piece of chicken.


Last week, I did quite well in the exercise department. As I mentioned in my previous blog, my friend and I decided to challenged each other by exercising everyday last week.

Though I did not exercise every day, I exercised on most days. I hit the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, walked home on Wednesday, did some stretching exercises on Saturday and wend for a 30 minute run on Sunday.

I HATED the Sunday run… but I was glad I did it.

Because of last week’s exercise, I managed to drop a kilo, despite my eating being on the ‘bad-ish’ side last week.

Soooo, it can be declared rather obvious that I need to run to lose weight. I need to RUN! Previously, my gym exercise involved the ”high incline treadmill” on which I’d basically walk up hill for 30 minutes… And I did not see significant results.

But, last week, I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes… with some walking in between, of course.

I’d like to continue running this week and see what the results will be. If I drop another kilo, I will declare running the solution to my weight loss problem!!!