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Hi. I am still fat

Sooooo, I have not written in a very long time. And that is because I have been eating.

Last Nov/December I had started on a re-freshed weight loss effort. My motivation was my friend’s wedding where I was going to be a bridesmaid. I deliberately sent measurements that were an inch less than the real ones to force me to lose weight. If i was fat, I woudn’t be able to fit into the dress.

I did very well by going down from 91.2kg to 87.2kg.

BUT! I ended up not being able to go for the wedding because of finances.

PLUS, December happened.

So, I have re-gained it all… well, I was 90.2 this morning 😦

The Goal

I would like to lose 10kgs by 30 April 2017 – 3.5 months from now

Part 1: I want to drop 5kgs first. This needs to happen by 15 February – About a month from now. This equates to about 1kg per week. And I believe it is possible as I have done it before.

Part 2: After the first 5kg is done, I will work towards the other 5kgs. I know it will be harder, that’s why I am giving myself more time to get rid of it.

I am hoping that by 30 April, I would have adopted healthier eating habits, smaller portions and more exercise.

The 2017 Plan

To fight the fat, I am going to eat less. My new job makes that very possible. I am too far from any shops and so, can’t just go out the door for a quick snack.

Whatever I bring from home is all I can eat.

I don’t eat breakfast anymore. I only have lunch at 12pm. Usually I will have 3 or 4 slices of bread with tomato, ham and slice of cheese. And then not eat anything until I have supper at home.

Yesterday I was bad and spent waaaay too much money on a piece of carrot cake from the coffee shop downstairs. That won’t be happening again because it is a waste of money and I ALWAYS feel bad when I eat like that.

One thing I need to learn how to do is to portion control dinner. Because my last meal was at lunch, I find myself eating way too much at supper.

Last week I did ok with regards to this “diet”, but had potato chips and other stuff. The weekend I binged quite a bit – IT WAS BAD. Wolfing down 8 KFC wings + a big packet of potato chips is not normal.

I want to start running.. even if it is for 10 minutes. That’s where the challenge is going to be.




I just overate

…and I feel like shit.

Why did I over eat? Because the food was there.

I had 2 minute noodles, followed by 2 thin slices of cheese cake.

It was a friend’s birthday yesterday and last night i had a whole bottle of wine and a couple more glasses after. Fortunately I didn’t overeat last night. I managed to have 1 plate of a ‘normal’ portion of rice and chicken curry.

Gosh!!! partying isn’t ideal for me at the moment. But, last night I had to go because he is one of my best friends.

Anyway, back to today. I feel very bad about the overeating. And I didn’t go to the gym at lunch time.

I think it would be a very good idea to go after work…. though I might not because I feel tired. I slept very late last night and I need a nap more than I need anything else.

Anyway, I will have to eat super clean tonight and skip my Friday night wine.


Edit: I did not go to the gym.

I did have almost a whole bottle of wine after work

But I had quite a clean supper of a chicken breast, mixed veggies and half a baked potato

Aluta Continua

Today hasn’t been a good day

I ended up having a whole bar of Nestle White Chocolate. I inhaled it in like a minute!

Do I feel bad about it? Right now I don’t. Whats the point of eating well and not seeing any results? Might as well eat whatever I want, if that’s the case.

Anyway, I’ll take a long walk home and wallow in my misery, because the money I could have used for a taxi home, I used to buy that chocolate.

Tomorrow is another day

SERIOUSLY considering getting a kit kat

Am I hungry? No – I just had lunch.

Do I have an actual craving for it? No – If I did I would not be writing about it, I’d be eating it.

So why do I want to get one? Because I have the cash. I carried some money to get a few things for the house. It’s not even a lot of money. Just enough for some spinach and a bit of meat.

I want a Kit Kat simply because I could have one if I wanted to. Also because I am thinking it’s ”only” 230 calories….

But I’m not going to.

If I had self control I could get myself some chocolate and only have one block, or finger… but we all know I would obliterate the whole chocolate bar in record time.

Anyway, no chocolate for me….it’s Wednesday, and since last Thursday, 6 days ago, the only ‘bad’ food I’ve had is a Blueberry Muffin…And I’d like to continue the no bad food vibe.

My only weakness at the moment is wine….but that is a battle I’m not yet ready to confront.

For today, I am going to glue my bum to this chair and NOT move!!!!

Marching on forward

I noticed…after many months of use, that MyFitnessPal tells you how much you should weigh in 5 weeks if you eat the way you would have eaten on a certain day.

I found this very enlightening and encouraging. Drop 5 kilos in 5 weeks??? yes please!

So, I am definitely going to continue logging my food intake, thus needing to be strict about what I eat.

Today I had another Bluberry Muffin, a good 385 calories. But it’s my breakfast, you see…Anyway, point is, no more muffins for breakfast going forward.

So far this week, I have managed, without any difficulty, to avoid kit kats, or potato chips during the 2pm to 4pm danger period. I’m quite proud of myself.

My true and ultimate test shall come during the weekend. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon… those are my 36 hours of food and wine binging.

I shall need to come up with a game plan, 1st of which will be NO POTATO CHIPS!!!!!!!!!


Have I broken my afternoon snack habit?

I am sitting here remembering the days when a dark shadow would come over me and I would stand up, without even thinking about it, to go and get a mid-afternoon kit kat or packet of chips.

4 out of 5 days last week, I never had a mid-afternoon snack while at work… (I had a big packet of chips last Tuesday) and yesterday and today I have had no desire whatsoever for an unhealthy snack. I’m very full from my lunch of spinach, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower  and 2 eggs (all boiled!) mixed with feta cheese, plus a slice of bread.

Well, if I get through this week without snacking, I will declare it a successful breaking of a 9 months long habit!

Already thinking about carbs

Its been two hours since I had my first carb-free lunch…mushroom soup and two carrots. And, errrrm, I’m feeling hungry. When I was eating, I was really enjoying the meal, and I felt stuffed afterwards. I even had a whole glass of water for full measure, and thought to myself – ”this isn’t so bad, perhaps it shall work out”.

but now, two hours later, I want food. Well, a white chocolate kit kat to be specific. Based on what people say, the first couple of days are the hardest when you give up a type of food or go on a diet. So, let us see if I can be strong enough to survive until Friday. Surely by then my body should be used to the less calories and fewer carbs??? Well, it better!

I have not carried any money to work, so I have no way of giving in to my cravings and going to buy something….so it has less to do with me being ”strong” and more to do with me not having any other choice.

For now, maybe I can kill my current craving with a big cup of milky chai tea? – Let me give it a try.

Oh, how badly I want a snack!

My tummy is feeling empty (even though I had pasta for lunch an hour ago). It is crying and yearning for anything, really. I’d make cereal if there was milk in the office, but we are out of milk. I would go and buy some milk, but my boots are still very wet, and going to the shop is equivalent to getting a kit kat or even a big packet of chips.

There is about 2 hours 30 minutes before I have to leave the office…will I survive? I’m sure I will. It will take ALOT to get me to wear those wet boots and make my way to the shops.

And being a writer who sometimes has to write about food does not help much. Right now I am about to write about a restaurant that specialises in meatballs. And of course I have to look at images of food in all its glory.

Let me try and have a cup of tea and see how it goes.

Oh! I’ve just remembered I have an orange 😀 ! looks like imma be munching on that instead 😀