Why am I not losing weight?

No, seriously? Why aren’t I?

This is Week 3 of my low/no carb diet and I’ve lost about 1kg.

Ok, I’ve had some carbs… And I’ll tell you which ones:

Week One: I had popcorn(monday) and 1 slice of bread (Wednesday), 3 biscuits (Saturday) – I was still adjusting and also had butternut and brown sugar beans on my menu, not realising how much carbs are in butternut and brown beans, and they have now been banished.

Week Two: I had a muffin (Monday) and a pizza (Thursday)

Week Three: Muffin (Monday) and I will be going to review a restaurant on Friday, So I might have a dessert, but keep everything else carb free.

Here is my Carbs consumed report from the last 30 days. The red arrow indicates the day I started being carb free. I want to be consuming less than 50g of carbs per day… and it can be hard to achieve.


Otherwise, I’ve been eating more Veg than I’ve ever eaten in my life. Sometimes I fail reach my 1200 calorie goal, because leaves have so few calories.

Do I need to exercise more? Do I need to reduce my protein? Do I need to eat more veggies more often?

Do I need to not have any cheat meals?

Do I need to be more patient?

I don’t know.

But what i do know is that I’m NOT giving up! I’ve given up too often in the past, and I am going to stick with this. I will generally not be having carbs as a normal part of my diet for the rest of my life (unless it’s for medical reasons or if I ever get pregnant)


Aluta Continua!


7 thoughts on “Why am I not losing weight?

  1. You have to be careful because even some vegetables have carbs. Things like ketchup do too! When I went on the Adkins diet, that really worked, but you really have to be strict for the first couple of months, no cheat meals, no muffin here, piece of bread there. On Adkins, you can have as much meat and eggs as you want. I was getting very creative with omelets. If you are determined to do a no carb diet, I’d suggest looking into Adkins. It does work, but should not be done long term.

  2. Cheat days in my opinion don’t work and cause setbacks. When we have a “cheat” it’s a higher carb vegetable, fruit or more protein. Once you hit your goal weight you can afford a cheat meal not a cheat day,week or holiday. It’s a lifestyle change. If it’s any comfort with each passing month it becomes easier. We don’t even crave the junk anymore. It will be two years for us. Two years that have changed our life forever. Hubby has lost 70 pounds, diabetes gone! For me fibromyalgia symptoms greatly reduced. Also no longer pre-diabetic. I was only 15 pounds but I lost them very quickly.

    1. I think you’re definitely right. I just thought a cheat meal wouldn’t have such as bad setback… but clearly it does.
      I’m learning how to not have carbs and it’s getting easier and easier by the day.
      Thanks for the advice 🙂

    1. Hi.
      Definitely no more cheat days for me. I also seem to be undoing a week’s worth with one meal.
      I don’t know about increasing my calories to 1400… because I’m not sure what I can eat.
      I’m already struggling to reach 1200 on veg and meat.
      I’ll do some research.

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