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Why I weigh myself everyday

You will read, more than once, that weighing yourself everyday is a very bad idea. Most say it is not good because your weight fluctuates and you will get discouraged. Most recommend weighing once a week or once a month.

Now, with me, I NEED to weigh myself everyday. It is a reminder of my goal to lose weight. It has become routine… I wake u, take a bath, then weigh myself before I even put on my deodorant.

Weighing myself everyday has taught me how my body works with regards to weight fluctuation. I have knowledge on what happens when I eat a certain way in a week and what happens when I exercise consistently in a week.

Let’s compare last week and this week.


I ate very well and has NO alcohol between Monday and Thursday. I walked home everyday and only went to the gym on Thursday. And the scale rewarded me. I started off at 88.2kg, and by Saturday morning I was at 87.5kg… the lowest I have been in MONTHS!!!!


I went to the gym on Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday… However, I ate quite a bit. Actually, I did not eat a lot, but had bad meal choices. I also had quite a lot of sweets through out the week. I started the week at 88.0kg… Friday I am at 88.9kg.

Through out the week I was conscious of the weight creeping up and because of that, am making conscious decisions to eat better this weekend. Also, That weight creeping up motivated me to go to the gym everyday this week.

This weight gain has shown me, ONCE AGAIN that slip-ups lead to weight gain. I CAN NOT eat whatever I want. I NEED to make better food choices.

Also, my experience has shown that exercise helps me to maintain a certain weight, even if I have been eating a bit badly.

I am a person who thinks BELIEVES that they eat healthy most of the time. I believe that 70% of the time I eat well, with a large portion of the other 30% being wine tendencies.

If I weighed myself once a month, and see no changes or weight gain, I’d get disheartened. I’m a person who always wants to feel in control… and daily weighing helps me do this.


Time for an experiment – In the pool

I’ve rediscovered my love for swimming and want to see if it can help me lose weight.

I’m NOT good at swimming at all. I only learned how to swim when I was about 16 and have hardly stepped into a pool in the last 10 years or so.

Now, one of the reasons why I joined my current gym was because they had a pool (two, in fact).  I did do some swimming at first, but stopped for whatever reason.. I can’t even remember.

Now, On Saturday, I went for a swim… 30minutes. It was lovely. I really enjoyed it and the 30 minutes passed by so fast. On Monday I didn’t go to the gym, but I went on Tuesday and only did 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Yesterday and today I went and did 30 Minutes of swimming. Very enjoyable, but tiring.

Last week,  I managed to drop 1kg… but I regained it this week because of drinking a lot at the weekend, and unhealthy take-aways the last couple of days (We’ve been having blackouts, #AFRICA, meaning we can’t cook and have to buy food, and I’m yet to discover ”healthy” take-aways).


Quite a few articles I have read on swimming for weight loss say it is not a good idea. 1) swimming increases your appetite (This is very true in my case) 2) you stop burning calories once you are out of the pool, 3) It makes you so tired you don’t want to do anything else (very true in my case).

But, there are testimonies from people saying they have managed to drop kilos and get a trimmer body from swimming… And I want to see if I can be one of those people. I have a couple of items of clothing that I’ve tried on today, that would fit better on me if I lost some weight.

So, for the next 4 weeks, I’d like to swim at least 5 times a week and see if there is a difference on the scale, or at least with the centimetres (I’ve been reading that swimming may increase your weight because of muscle build-up).

When I swim, I really DO feel it… like when your muscles “vibrate” from a good work out. And I like that feeling!

Do any of you guys swim as part of your weight loss regime? Have you lost weight from it?

Lets see what happens on 28 February!!

To swim or to run?

I’m about to go to the gym, and am deciding if I want to run or swim…

Swimming is choice number 1, but I straightened my hair this morning and It’d mean that was a waste of my time.

But I really don’t feel like running, though it would be a quick and effective work out.

I didn’t exercise much last week (though I had a great swimming session on Saturday).

My drinking over the weekend has cause some weight to creep back.

So, I definitely need to up my exercise this week.

I’ll decide when I get to the gym.


EDIT: I ended up running on the treadmill… A hard 15 minutes

Sharon 1, Emotional eating 0!

So, I had a bit of an emotional knock yesterday (that involved a boy I like, liking my skinny sister hoo, #storyofmylife) and i was worried I was going to have a day overindulging in some food.

Emotional eating is a fantastic thing when you are upset… but not when you are on the weight-loss journey and suffer from guilt when you eat too much.

So, in order to suppress the little evil voice that makes you believe the best way to deal with the hurt of rejection is to eat, I decided to plan my food for the day.

I went into the shop and bought a little packet of mixed veggies and feta cheese to have at lunch. I told myself that I’d have a blueberry muffin for breakfast…as a treat.

I think that blueberry muffin helped me stay in control through out the day. It made me feel better… but not guilty. Meaning that cycle of emotional eating wasn’t triggered.

At lunch I had my mixed veggies mixed with some feta cheese… it was very satisfying.

At no point this afternoon (between my ”danger hours” of 2pm and 4pm), did I get any cravings… none! even as I write now, my belly if full of water 🙂

I even went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the treadmill. This was quite a successful session because my fitness seems to have gone up. Just 2 weeks ago, I could only run for one minute, then have to walk for 1 minute, before running for 1 minute again… but today, I did 1 minute of walking and 2 minutes of running! If I didn’t have to get back to work, I’d have done another 10 minutes.

I will be doing some drinking tonight though… I deserve it 🙂

Am I learning to eat less?

I am in a constant… and I mean CONSTANT need to eat food. I don’t like it when I’m not chewing and swallowing. And mind you, it has to be all the junk you can think off. Fresh bright cucumber or lettuce won’t do it.

However, I’ve been teaching myself not to give in to this need to eat ALL THE TIME. Several factors, such as the guilt and lack of enough money to be buying food all the time, have helped me reduce my food intake.

Several things have been happening of late:

1. I plan ALL my meals. This is important for preventing random unhealthy food buying

2. I ask myself how badly I want something (especially if it’s junk food).

3. If I decide I really really want it, I ask myself, how are you going to feel after eating it?

4. I promise myself not to feel bad for eating it (the hardest part of this process).

I have, through the above, been learning how to not eat all the time and how to not crave food (or at least successfully fight it).

Now I’m currently working on phase two of my weight loss and getting healthier efforts. Phase two is EXERCISE.  If there was a Nobel Peace Prize for laziness,, I’d have won one by now. I need to start learning how to get motivated… because the truth is, once I start, I am glad I did.

I am going to have to learn how this process works and train myself.

If by the end of this year I have lost nothing??? I dunno…

Something strange is happening

…This weekend I drank and ate quite a bit. Last week also, I ate a bit more than usual….

Now, I hopped onto the scale and I saw an 88.0kg… I have not seen an 88.0 since last year!… Just 100grams less, and I’ll be in the 87s! I’ve beeeeen aiming for the 87s since last October… but have been stuck between 89.5kg and 88.5kgs for months!

I can’t believe this is happening because I’ve not been exercising much…though I’ve been walking home (30minutes), from work most days. Last week I ate an extra 300 calories or so almost everyday with chocolate or ice cream. This last weekend, I drank a lot of wine, had a braai (BBQ)…where it was evident that my eating habits have definitely changed.

I had a little bit of everything… and I mean a little bit. There was a lot of food, but had much less than I would have a year ago. Last January, I would have eaten to the point of being upset that I’m full and can’t have more…but eat more anyway.

Sunday, I managed not to spend the day binging. Though I did go out and have 3 ciders in the evening.

So, this is why I am sooo surprised at the scale. I hope it’s not false hope.

Also, this week I am super broke, so I will not be able to buy ”celebratory’ food. Let’s see how this week ends… It’s gonna be interesting.

I’m slipping, I’m falling…can I get up?

I feel as if I did not do well this week. I only went to the gym on Tuesday… I did the 30 minute walk home on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Thursday I was supposed to have gone to the gym, but felt ‘lazy’. I was supposed to go at lunch time, then decided I’d go after work, then decided I’d walk home then go for a run (I walked… but didn’t run).

Procrastination is definitely my number ONE enemy.

I feel super bad about this because last week, I did very well and the scale reflected my efforts. I vowed that I would exercise this week as a way to see if running is definitely what I need to drop the kilos…. but alas… laziness got in the way.

Laziness and seeing results. This has been one of my biggest challenges. Every time I start seeing that the weight is dropping (and mind you, it’ll be something like 500gram weight loss), I get excited and chill on the exercise.

The food side, I have not fared better either. It has mainly to do with access to this extra food.

I had a piece of cake, then ice cream (BEFORE supper) on Monday . Tuesday, I may have had a chocolate… I can’t remember to be honest. Wednesday, I had ice cream (before supper again), Thursday was very bad… I had a packet of chocolate coated peanuts (a good 500 calories or so).

The chocolate coated peanuts episode was quite bad… It was one of those brainless, thoughtless, I-have-no-control moments. I inhaled those nuts in less than 10 minutes. And guess how I felt after???? I felt like shit!

And I thought to myself, you should go and run this rubbish off after work… but instead I just walked home.

Now. I need to come up with a going forward plan.

I know I am capable of changing my habits because I now drink less than half the amount of wine I used to (I used to drink every night, but now I only drink on Friday and Saturday), I have stopped my 4 or 5 afternoons per week binges that involved packets of potato chips and I stay the heck away from the bakery section. I have a large portion of mixed veggies with my lunch everyday and aim to do the half plate of veggies on my plate at supper.

Also, with the Fit2Fitness challenge I did last November, I developed a ”need to sweat” feeling every day… meaning I did at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday, even after the 30 days of the challenge was over. I fell off that wagon when I was away for 2 weeks during Christmas holidays.

Obviously, I’m not always perfect… I do slip… but these last two weeks I’ve slipped too many times.

I believe this is the year I WILL LOSE 10kgs!!! That’s all I want to lose… 10kgs… at the same time, I want to continue developing better eating habits and find… somewhere deep inside me, that love for exercise…

Of Binging and Exercising

I believe I ate too much on Saturday and Sunday.


Actually, I drank too much on Saturday, and ate too much on Sunday.

The reason why I feel bad for drinking too much on Saturday is because there was no social occasion that called for plenty of wine. I was at home alone all weekend, and there was no reason for me to overindulge as I did. I ate too much potato at supper, as a result.

On Sunday, I kinda started off on the wrong note. I had a cup of coffee with 2 pieces of carrot cake in the morning. Then I had two sausages, two boiled eggs and two slices of toast at noon. Later in the afternoon I had quite a bit of ice-cream, then decided I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted a packet of potato chips, so I went to the shop to get some. Then I decided I wanted ANOTHER piece of cake! Supper was some pizza and a piece of chicken.


Last week, I did quite well in the exercise department. As I mentioned in my previous blog, my friend and I decided to challenged each other by exercising everyday last week.

Though I did not exercise every day, I exercised on most days. I hit the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, walked home on Wednesday, did some stretching exercises on Saturday and wend for a 30 minute run on Sunday.

I HATED the Sunday run… but I was glad I did it.

Because of last week’s exercise, I managed to drop a kilo, despite my eating being on the ‘bad-ish’ side last week.

Soooo, it can be declared rather obvious that I need to run to lose weight. I need to RUN! Previously, my gym exercise involved the ”high incline treadmill” on which I’d basically walk up hill for 30 minutes… And I did not see significant results.

But, last week, I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes… with some walking in between, of course.

I’d like to continue running this week and see what the results will be. If I drop another kilo, I will declare running the solution to my weight loss problem!!!

I need to get my head back in the game

I feel like I might be on the verge of slipping back into my old ways.

I had a kit kat yesterday and 2 glasses of wine.

This morning I had a blueberry muffin.

Yesterday I fought hard not to get a packet of potato chips.

I did not exercise yesterday.

I brought my gym bag with me to work today, but I did not intend on going to the gym, though.

Fortunately, I had a chat with a friend who shared her morning run results with me. She did 2.8km in 30 minutes… burnt 245 calories.  She said she wanted to run everyday this week.

I told her I’d join her in this challenge. I would go to the gym everyday this week, and log my results and she would do the same.

This motivation and accountability will help me stay focused and re-install my ‘need to move and sweat’.

I will be going to the gym after work, since I didn’t go at lunch time.

I’ve downloaded the Runtastic App, and I hope it will help me monitor my progress and challenge me to do better each time.

Let today be the first day of seeing REAL results!!

So, looks like I only gained 1kg during the holidays

This is a pleasant surprise for me.

I know my body, and it is capable of easily gaining 3kgs in 2 weeks… but I only put on 1kg.

I guess my mindful eating helped me in this regard.

I was mindful of portions (most of the time) and I did not drink too much (except on Christmas and New Years).

I enjoyed treats such as cake and ice cream, but did not have them everyday, and only had small amounts. Even my biggest weakness, potato chips, did not feature as they usually do. In the two week period, I had a total amount of one big packet. Which is a major achievement for me, considering I can devour a whole packet in one sitting. I think it is safe to say that my craving for potato chips has gone away!

Now I can continue my weight-loss journey.

I hope my new attitude towards food will be rewarded with dropped kilos over the next few months.

I think the food side of things is heading in the right direction.

Now, I need more motivation for exercise. I need it to become a habit… especially an after work run.