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I’ve not weighed myself for 10 days!

For a person who weighs herself EVERY DAY, going for 10 days without doing so is very difficult for me.

Mind you, it has not been on purpose. I am away on holiday and there is no scale here.


Obviously, my usual eating habits have been thrown out the window, mainly because I have no control over what I eat… it’s a ‘majority rules’ type of situation… and majority loves its food.

So, it’s all about portions and some days I have eaten more than others.

I generally feel good. I am not bloated and I have not experienced feelings of guilt, like I usually do when I eat too much.

I’ve had my fair share of cake and ice cream… but not enough to make me feel bad for eating too much.

I’ve not drank a lot… only drank quite a lot on Christmas day… and will naturally drink a lot on New Year’s eve…


I have not had a real exercise session… none.

However, I have been very active doing housework and other chores through out the day. Washing cars, raking leaves, doing laundry, sweeping and vacuuming etc…

Whether this has been enough, I have no idea.

I measured my waist, and I am 2cm less than I was 2 weeks ago… What this means, I don’t know.

I guess we will see when I finally manage to get on a scale what the effects of the two week holiday are…


So the holidays are coming

I’ll be going home (to Zimbabwe) for 2 weeks and I both excited and ‘scared’.

I’m excited that I’ll be on holiday seeing family etc…

But scared that I might slip back into my bad eating habits.

Right now, I only live with my sister and there is NO junk food in the house, EVER!. Also, I determine what we’ll have for supper or if my sister cooks something ‘bad’, I can refuse to eat it.

At home, however, I have no control over what we’ll be eating…. my mum or the maid will be the decision makers. Also, there will definitely be junk food all over the place… it is the holidays after all.

(I just got a message from my sister who went home yesterday saying her and my mum are at the KFC drive through… those are the types of temptations that await me. And if I refuse to go with them or have some KFC I will seem like a kill-joy or snob, which will be weird, especially considering I’m the fat one!)

Anyway, as I’ve said previously, i will be increasing my workouts. I just read an article saying add another 10 minutes to your workouts through out the holidays, and I will definitely do that.

I went to the gym this afternoon and did a solid 30 minutes of exercise (I usually do 15 to 20 minutes)

So, let’s do this!

I just overate

…and I feel like shit.

Why did I over eat? Because the food was there.

I had 2 minute noodles, followed by 2 thin slices of cheese cake.

It was a friend’s birthday yesterday and last night i had a whole bottle of wine and a couple more glasses after. Fortunately I didn’t overeat last night. I managed to have 1 plate of a ‘normal’ portion of rice and chicken curry.

Gosh!!! partying isn’t ideal for me at the moment. But, last night I had to go because he is one of my best friends.

Anyway, back to today. I feel very bad about the overeating. And I didn’t go to the gym at lunch time.

I think it would be a very good idea to go after work…. though I might not because I feel tired. I slept very late last night and I need a nap more than I need anything else.

Anyway, I will have to eat super clean tonight and skip my Friday night wine.


Edit: I did not go to the gym.

I did have almost a whole bottle of wine after work

But I had quite a clean supper of a chicken breast, mixed veggies and half a baked potato

Aluta Continua

Yeeees, being drunk isn’t good for a person on a diet

I was gonna say alcohol is bad, but it’s not the drink, its the drunkeness.

This was evidenced by my experience on Saturday night. The day started off perfectly. With two slices of toast with cheese and coffee, then a 45 minute session at the gym.

I then decided I wanted sushi for lunch (it was a hot day and sushi seemed like a good idea). … but because I went to the shop while hungry, I added a small packet of Doritos and a thing of Camembert to the basket.

I enjoyed my sushi with a glass of wine, then had the doritos, then had a bit of the Camembert.

That binge monster was trying to take over me…. but I managed to stop.

Then, I was invited to a braai (BBQ). I arrived after all the cooking had been done, so all I had to do was eat.

I actually did well. I had a tomato a bit of cucumber and some pineapple on the side, then had 2 chicken thighs, 2 drumsticks and a small piece of pork. It was ALL delicious, but I was more focused on having some wine than in eating.

I drank and drank and drank. Now, things became foggy.

It’s only this morning that I’m remembering some of my ‘sins’.

At some point I was sitting in a corner having a big packet of potato chips. I don’t know why I had them. I think it was because they were there. I wasn’t physically present during the munching. I can’t even remember what flavour they were. But I do know I did not finish the packet, but I had most of it.

Then, when we got to my friend’s house, someone decided we were hungry, so they went to get some burgers and fries. I had totally forgotten about this midnight munch until an hour ago (that’s what made me decide to write about this).

Sunday, I was a very good girl. I ate very well and loaded up on water. Once upon a time I’d have decided that I’m hungover and deserve a huge meal of some sort, together with packets of potato chips thrown in the mix.

Anyway, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was 1.5kg heavier than last Monday. I wanted to cry, but didn’t. I have no one to blame but myself.

All I can do is pick myself up and try AGAIN.

I went to the gym at lunch time and did 20 minutes on the treadmill. I know it is not a lot, but for me, it’s a BIG deal. Especially considering that I had to debate whether I would go. I ended up just taking my bag without thinking about it and going.

I’ll be walking home after work. And I have reset the weight-loss button and will work hard this week.

I need to push up my exercise because that is the ONLY way I will avoid gaining weight during the Season to be Merry. I have another ‘do’ to attend this weekend, then next weekend I get on a plane to Harare for another 2 week long party (and to be reminded of how fat I am by my loving family)

Aluta Continua.

When MyFitnessPal says things like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.18.09 PM

That bottom part that says “If everyday were like today… You’d weigh 84.4kg in 5 weeks”

I eat very similar to this most days… 5 out of 7 days a week. In fact, the wine was a treat for me. I only drink alcohol on Friday and Saturday.

I have learned not to crave potato chips or even popcorn, for that matter.

I used to be quite the snacker… but not anymore.

Now. This is my question: Why haven’t I lost as much weight as MyFitnessPal say I ought to in the last 5 weeks.

Right now I’m at 88.5kg, meaning in 5 weeks I can lose 4kgs. But I’ve only managed to lose 2kgs in 5 weeks.

Is it because I do not exercise hard enough? Do I eat too much or too little?

Is it because I’m inconsistent?

Do those 2 bottles of wine over the weekend undo my week’s work?

So many questions!

Anyway, I will continue on my current trend of focusing on a diet of between 1200 and 1500 calories per day.

I will make sure I do some form of exercise EVERYDAY.

Yesterday I had a good gym session, and as I’ve been saying for months, I hope to become a runner.

I just haven’t found the motivation to leave the house yet. I seem to prefer exercising indoors.

Oh, I just remembered why I don’t like running outside. People like to walk their dogs in the evenings…and they are rarely on leashes and as a black girl, I can’t be running in the streets with loose dogs all over the place. I have a friend (black guy) who was bitten by a dog as he was jogging… the guy was traumatised. `

Anyway, I’ll still try motivate myself to run outdoors. Maybe I cant start off by running around our flat complex and maybe take it from there?

Fit2Feast ended like this:


I slacked a bit last week. But my eating remained good.

My efforts through out November have seen me drop about 2kg (about 4.5 pounds).

I am hoping to see myself another 2kg down by Christmas time. This is going to be a CHALLENGE. It’s December!!! I’m usually drunk from 1 December to 1 January… it is a blur. Many parties to attend, many big meals to be had.

I have come up with my fight-back plan. It involves increase in exercise. I will continue the Fit2Feast Challenge this December. Through the challenge I have developed that ‘need’ to break a sweat everyday.

I  read somethign recently that said the more often you exercise, the more you are likely to stick to it, or become an ‘addict’.  I want to become an addict!

I’ve started December on a good note with some strength training and some ‘Tabata’ moves on Monday and Tuesday.

My dream goal is to become a runner… I feel this will help me a lot! I’m going to buy a new pair of running shoes today. Hopefully that will motivate me to hit the tar.

Aluta Continua!!