Have my habits changed?

My number ONE weakness is potato chips. Or should I say was?

I have not had a single chip since 1 December. None!!
It used to be automatic that on Friday I’d have a packet after dinner with my wine.
Then on Saturday I’d buy a party sized packet to have ‘over the weekend’… but would eat the whole thing on Saturday.
Then on Sunday I’d have another packet….
Between Monday and Friday I’d have 2 or 3 more packets in the afternoon at work… All of this in-between my other large meals.

Now, amazingly, I do not crave the crunchy goodies… at all. There was a time when I would hunt for coins or sacrifice bus fare to work for a packet of chips…
The last 2 weekends I’ve managed to stick FULLY to my eating plan of brunch around 11am/12pm, then dinner around 6pm/7pm.

During the week, I would insist on a slab of chocolate after lunch…. but not anymore… at all! (Though if I really want some, I’ll get a small kit kat (nothing over 250 calories).

I have half the amount of slat I used to. Double the water and double the vegetables I used to.

Also, I don’t feel right unless I get some sweating done because of the Fit2Feast Challenge.

I’m impressed with myself… really…


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