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Have my habits changed?

My number ONE weakness is potato chips. Or should I say was?

I have not had a single chip since 1 December. None!!
It used to be automatic that on Friday I’d have a packet after dinner with my wine.
Then on Saturday I’d buy a party sized packet to have ‘over the weekend’… but would eat the whole thing on Saturday.
Then on Sunday I’d have another packet….
Between Monday and Friday I’d have 2 or 3 more packets in the afternoon at work… All of this in-between my other large meals.

Now, amazingly, I do not crave the crunchy goodies… at all. There was a time when I would hunt for coins or sacrifice bus fare to work for a packet of chips…
The last 2 weekends I’ve managed to stick FULLY to my eating plan of brunch around 11am/12pm, then dinner around 6pm/7pm.

During the week, I would insist on a slab of chocolate after lunch…. but not anymore… at all! (Though if I really want some, I’ll get a small kit kat (nothing over 250 calories).

I have half the amount of slat I used to. Double the water and double the vegetables I used to.

Also, I don’t feel right unless I get some sweating done because of the Fit2Feast Challenge.

I’m impressed with myself… really…


Every mistake has been a lesson

Through out this year I have made a million and one mistakes when it came to losing weight.

So much so, that, instead of losing, I actually gained through out the year.

I thought that extra packet of chips did no harm, that slab of chocolate didn’t count, or that big chocolate muffin will be ok…. (mind you these were things I’d eat on the same day in between normal meals).

Lessons Learned:

  1. Going to the gym doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want – I joined the gym in April this year and went every day… including the weekends… for about a month. And I lost NOTHING!!! And obviously, because I wasn’t losing anything, I ate even more… It took me a while to realise that I wasn’t losing anything because I was eating a lot. I then read an article on how weight loss is 30% exercise and 70% diet, so I shifted my focus
  2. Yo-Yoing makes you fat – So, after the gym thing, I thought… let me eat less…. much much less. So, for a couple of days I’d eat very little, but because I’ve been a good girl eating ‘well’ I deserve a treat. These treats will be the beginning of days long binging. Then, I’d go back to self-starvation for a couple of days, before falling off the wagon again… the viscous cycle went on for a while and with it came increased weight gain.
  3. The weekend isn’t a holiday off weight-loss – When I had eaten well through out the week, I’d completely let go over the weekend. From Friday evening It would be potato chips, sausages, deep fried this and that, Ice Cream and loads and loads of wine, in-between my normal meals. Naturally the wine made me care less about what I ate and how much of it. (this also contributed to the yo-yoing)
  4. Progress doesn’t mean you should slack – More than once, I would see progress ( I make small goals such as this week I want to lose 1kg). When I achieve something, I have a ‘celebratory treat’. These treats would then turn into days long binge sessions… Again!
  5. Portions are IMPORTANT – It is less about what you eat and more about how much you eat. I used to want to eat to the point of bursting my stomach. I would hate getting full because I’d want to continue eating (It got so bad, I’d ate a lot, vomit it, then continued eating). I have learned to be content with reasonable portions. I try my best to halve the amount of food I put on my plate with every meal (compared to my previous portions)
  6. Guilt is bad  – When i ate badly, I would feel like shit. I would hate myself and feel disgusted with myself and tell myself I deserve to be fat and unhealthy. With these thoughts I would go on binge sessions that would make me feel worse and start another binge session. I had to learn to forgive myself when I had a chocolate or piece of cake. In fact, I am still learning how to ‘not make a big deal about it’.

These are the major the lessons I have learned over the last 11 months or so. I am glad I have taken this long to learn how my body responds to and deals with food. I am glad I did not go on some fad diet for a month, lost weight and learned nothing to help me going forward.

I have developed new habits I never knew were possible. I have broken my ”addiction” to potato chips. I have learned to be satisfied without too many carbs on my plate. I consume about half the amount of salt I used to from processed foods. I have doubled my water intake. I am more active thanks to the Fit2Feast challenge. And I am generally more content with life.

I am hoping that in the new year, I will see gradual, but permanent results

Trying not to get too excited

But every small victory should be celebrated on the weight loss journey.

For the first time in about 2 months, I am below the 89kg mark. This morning I weighed 88.6kg! exactly 1kg less that I did last week Monday. I’ve been hoping and hoping and hoping to see an 88.anything for many weeks and I’ve finally seen one.

This shouldn’t be a big deal because I have reached 88.5kg before, but regained 2kg in a couple of weeks because of ‘celebration eating’. I will feel I deserve a treat for lose a measly kilogram.

But I have learned the hard way to calm.the.fuck.down. I need to keep my head in the game.

My Fit2Feast challenge has continued to go well. I did some cardio and strength training over the weekend. Nothing insane, but I jumped rope and combined that with press-ups. (20 minutes).

I also DID NOT BINGE at ALL!!!! I did not even have a packet of potato chips (my go-to binge snack). I had breakfast, then dinner on Saturday, then brunch and supper on Sunday.

With regards to the alcohol, I only had 2 bottles of wine on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I went to a Beer Festival, had quite a bit of beer, but surprisingly didn’t feel the need to snack. I got home and had a reasonable portion of spaghetti and beef. November2

Aluta Continua!!!

Not giving into negativity (Trying)

It’s hard sometimes.
I’ve had one goal… ONE, this whole year…
To drop at least 5kgs…. but i’ve managed to gain 6kgs.
I know I’ve been a bad girl through out the year. I remember all the munching I did.
All the obsessive eating I did. Sometimes eating, not because I want to, but because I have to. If it was 2pm, it was automatically time for a big packet of potato chips followed by a chocolate.
If it was Monday, I HAD to go and get a big slice of Lemon cake with all its lovely sinful joy of REAL cream.

Then I realised I need to get my shit together. I need to cut out all the bad stuff. I even tried to go carb free. I failed, but I learned how to eat less carbs.

The last three weeks I’ve had some for of exercise almost EVERYDAY. Whether its just the 30 minute walk home, or doing squats in front of the tv. Of late, I CANNOT complete my day without breaking a sweat. This has been because of the motivation that has come with the Fit2Feast challenge.

90% of my eating has been clean. I don’t do alcohol from Sunday to Thursday. I eat a bowl of veggies for lunch everyday. I have half the portion I used to for supper. Yes, I’ve had 3 packets of potato chips in the last 3 weeks (literally one per week… on Saturday afternoon). I’ve also had some ice cream… about a cup of ice cream most nights.

Anyway, despite all my efforts the last 3 weeks, I have seen zero progress. NONE!!! I measured my arms, I seem to be 1 cm bigger. The scale has been telling me the same story the last 3 weeks (betweeb 89.5kg and 90.5kg).

surely I should’ve dropped a kilo or two by now??? I weigh 1 kilo more than I did last Thursday. I wanted to cry this morning. And had a “I might as well eat whatever I want, if carrots and shit aren’t helping me” attitude.

But because this thought crossed my mind, I did not carry any money with me to work. None!

But, I went to the gym this afternoon, and had a good session. And I feel good. I’ve got no cravings, I’m not regretting leaving my money at home. Even if I had carried my card, I doubt I’d have gone to look for food.

Anyway, Aluta Continua!!


Fit2Feast day 12

So, yesterday I decided to do the Insanity Fit Test one, with Sean T.

Boy oh boy did I nearly die. I didn’t even finish the session… I managed to do about 12 minutes of the 20 minute test… the rest I just looked at the screen.

But yeah, you need to take the test every 2 weeks to see if you have improved your fitness.

Here is the video for those who want to try it out.

I’ll be doing more of the Insanity videos after work…

The reason I am motivated is because it was these videos that helped Missy Elliot lose the pounds. And I know I need to really push up my workouts.So, I’ll give this a try!!!


Oh, how I hate strength training

I find it excruciatingly boring! It requires actual concentration.

With cardio, your brain can wonder and you don’t really have to pay attention to what is happening. Before you know it, its been 20minutes and you’re very sweaty!

Strength training, on the other hand is tricky. You need to count reps, and remember to keep good form for effective exercise and to prevent injury.

I avoid it at all costs. I know it is an important part of weight loss and maintaining the weight loss and for building definition, that’s why I try hard to do it as much as I can without getting frustrated.

At the gym I usually use the same machines in the circuit room. I rarely use free weights because I won’t know what I’m doing. The machines, at least, force you into the right form. Now, because I use the same machines, that focus on the upper body (shoulders/arms/chest), I’m scared of becoming deformed. Am I being silly?

Anyway, aluta continua

Fit2Feast days 7, 8 & 9

Well done to me! (I think)

This weekend started off ‘dodgy’ with cocktails on Friday evening, and chicken wings with fries and onion rings. I shared the meal with a friend, so didn’t eat as much as I normally would have.

I did not binge (on food at least). Despite me drinking wine all day on Saturday (2 bottles), I managed to keep my cravings in check.

I had breakfast of a sandwich with mushrooms, eggs, ONE slice of bacon and a bit of cheese.

Lunch was essentially a packet of potato chips and a bit of ice cream.

Then good old dinner of roast chicken with a little rice and loads of spinach.

Sunday, made the same sandwiches as Saturday, then had lunch of 2 minute noodles and a piece of left-over chicken, then had a bit of ice cream. Dinner was beef curry with rice and spinach.

I made sure I spent all day drinking water, to keep my daily intake high.

I exercised on Saturday morning (20 minutes of jumping rope, jumping jacks, push-ups, planks)

I also exercised on Sunday (20minutes of knee highs, burpees, push-ups)

So, so far, my Fit2Feast challenge has been 99% on point (I didn’t exercise on Friday).


Doing the water thing, hard!

Water has been playing a major role in my life the last couple of weeks.

I’ve doubled my intake. I’ve always been a water drinker… with a bottle of water always by my side at work or at home.

However, it’d be a 500ml bottle, meaning, when it got finished, it would sometimes take me a while to get up and refill it.

Now, I got a 1.5l bottle…. that I fill up and and sip on… Because it is right next to me, I will keep drinking until it’s finished. Then I will refill it again.

I’ve been at work for 3 hours, and I’ve already finished about 2 litres worth of water…. And I will have another 2 litres or more after lunch.

The water drinking means my tummy ALWAYS feels full. And I am enjoying the benefits… less bloating, better looking skin, happier, healthier!

Holla H2O!!!

Fit2Feast day 6

I didn’t go to the gym this afternoon… I went shopping instead.

I think it’s safe to say I am feeling good about myself because I tried on little shorts that fit perfectly (though I didn’t buy them today)

Then I bought a little mini skirt and a white vest. These are not clothes a person feeling fat would pick, are they??

Last night I tried on the jogging pants I bought over a month ago and have decided will fit me by 7 December

The r fitting better than they did when I bought them. They are definitely still too small, but I feel I’m on my way into slipping easily into them by the target date… which is 4 weeks from today!!!! eeek!

Anyway, I’ll be walking home this afternoon then doing some strength exercises at home.

So, I won’t be publishing my calender today until AFTER I’ve done my exercise for the day.


Anyway, Fit2Feast day 5

After my venting earlier today, I managed to get my head back in the game.

I had my two slices of wholewheat bread (203 calories) with peanut butter (70 calories) and coffee for breakfast. Then had a banana just before going to the gym at lunch time.

Once again I had a luke warm session. 8 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minutes on the vibration machine, 10 minutes on a treadmill walking fast holding 2.5kg dumbbells (I don’t know how many calories I burned). I’ll be walking home after work… 30 minute walk.

I came back to have lunch of instant noodles (250 calories) with one boiled egg (75 calories) and mixed veggies (118 calories) a total of 439 calories.

I’ll probably have my low fat yoghurt in 30 minutes.

Dunno what I’m going to have for dinner… But it’ll be the usual rice  + meaty stew + veggies of some sort.