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Fit2Feast Challenge Calendar

I”ve decided to add a calendar to X out days that I work out.

As I’ve said before, the Fit2Feast Challenge means having to exercise EVERYDAY throughout the month of November.

I started doing this on Tuesday already, and have decided to include my 30 minute walks home from work as part of the exercise routine.

Here is the October Calender so far:



Fit2Feast Challenge

Spark People has an exercise challenge to workout EVERYDAY throughout November, before the holidays begin.

I decided to join this challenge yesterday, and decided to start NOW. November is only a couple of days away, and what better time to start than now?

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t a crazy session, but we all know some exercise is better than none.

Today I didn’t go to the gym, but I will be walking home. I would like to include walks home as part of my “Fit2Feast” routine. If I get some extra exercise on top of that, then yippee!

I will create a large Calendar for my bedroom wall. On it, I will put a big RED X on days I have exercised. I think it will help me stay focused.  I need to always remind myself that some exercise is better than none.

I’ve been eating very well and consistently. Breakfast of toast with marmalade or peanut butter; Lunch of mixed veggies with a boiled egg; then a normal dinner, but with half the portions I used to have.

I feel as if I am making some progress in my weight loss efforts.  It’s been suuuuch a struggle for me. A lot of ups and downs. The heaviest I got this year was 91.5 kg. At some point I managed to go down to 88.7kg, then it all came back again.

Today, for the 1st time in over a month, I weighed myself and was 89.5kg. I was so excited!!! It was better than I’d been hoping for. Next week Wednesday, I’d like to see another kilo down.

Nothing like a few pictures to give you another wake-up call

So, we went out for my sister’s birthday this weekend (yes I drank plenty of beer).

It was a fun night I absolutely enjoyed myself. However, when me and my friends started sharing pictures of the night on Sunday morning, I was reminded once again of how large I have become.

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I’m bigger than I’ve ever been… If you haven’t figured out which one I am, I’m in the white shorts.

Those shorts have always been too big for me, but now they fit perfectly…(actually on the verge of being too tight)


This is me in those same shorts two years ago.. And my arms are definitely larger. sigh.

Anyway, I look very big compared to my friends. And I believe it is because of this pictures that I managed not to indulge in my usual Sunday binging.

I had brunch of 3 sausages, 2 eggs, mushrooms and 2 slices of toast.

NO SNACKS at all!!!! none!!

The I had a dinner of African food – sadza (similar to polenta), beef stew and loads of spinach.

(Saturday was also a similar story where I had 3 meals of breakfast – eggs+sausage + mushrooms+toast, lunch and supper)

Then I had a glass of wine… then slept.

I have lost 1.5kgs in the last 2 weeks… and would like to remain consistent.

Last week I ate very very well (except for the one packet of chips and a chocolate). But I have learnt not to punish myself for eating badly… and this has reduced my ”punishment” binges.

I’m so full…but want a snack

I just had a very healthly lunch of a bowl of boiled mixed veggies (green beans, sweet corn, carrots, peas) mixed with one boiled egg. It was very delicious and I chased down the meal with some water.

I am stuffed… but I can’t stop thinking about getting up to get a chocolate “or something”.

This is a habit I have had for a while. Where I eat my main meal, but still feel the need to add more food to my tummy, despite being full.

I have not felt like this for a while. I have begun to successfully train my body to be satisfied with less food.

Anyway, I have popped an extra-strong Halls into my mouth, and that with the combination of writing this is making me feel better.

The Evil has passed and I am thinking more clearly now… Looking forward to my snack of pineapple and yogurt

My job can make dieting hard

I have to right on the top ice cream/frozen yogurt spots in Cape Town. I have spent the last 2 days combing through pictures and descriptions of delicious ice cream, and guess what?? I now want ice cream!

I might actually indulge in one. I can’t remember when I last enjoyed one… I might get one and happily lick as I walk home after work.

Feeling too prettey to go to the gym

Seriously… I am.

I’ve had a generally active week.

Tuesday – Walked home (30minutes)

Wednesday – Walked to work (30mins), Gym (30minutes), Walked home (30minutes)

Thursday – Gym (30minutes), Walked home (30minutes)

I have also started doing a 30 day squat challenge… I’m only on day 4 and the intestity and number of squats increase until you do 200 on day 30.

I have also eaten very well this week… Only “bad” food was chocolate I had on Monday. But the rest of the week I managed to eat normally.

The real test, once again, will be the weekend. I have already started planning what I will eat.

Brunch on Saturday and Sunday of toast, boiled egg and fried mushrooms. Then dinner of whatever I whip up.

No wine for tonight and perhaps two bottles for Saturday (baby steps guys… baby steps)

Glad I didnt carry money

It started yesterday… feeling the need to continuously eat. I have not felt like this since the other Sunday’s binge session.

Yesterday I ended up getting a slab of white chocolate. It was one of those things where you totally ignore the skinny girl and the fat girl simply says, “please me” and then I do.

Today the fat girl keeps wanting to say something, but she keeps getting blocked by the fact that I have no cash on me. None!

Today is one of those days where I know if I had money, I would have gone to the shop.

But I carried no money, so the fat girl didn’t get her fix.

Tomorrow is another day.

Writing instead of going to the gym

I prefer going to the gym at lunch time.

It just works out better for me. The mornings, I can’t wake up, and in the evenings, I prefer making dinner then sitting in front of the tv.

On very rare occasions I will suit up and go for a run after work… but it is rare. If I can develop a habit of hitting the tar everyday after work… I think that would go a long way.


There was a time when I decided to bring my running kit to work and change into it at home time. Then I would walk home, and simply drop my bag before going for a run.

Should I go back to that???

Today will be the test for that. I have my gym bag, so will change, walk home, then go for a run.

I really wish there was a dedicated running route around my neighbourhood. Right now I have to run on the sidewalk, which isn’t very wide and is uneven because of big tree roots looking for freedom.

Choosing a route isn’t hard…

Also, I am yet to get running pants with pockets. (I did get a pair, but couldn’t fit into it. ). That way I can put my phone in the pockets when I run so that I listen to audio books.

Also, I want to take out those running pants I mentioned before and pin them onto my bedroom wall as a reminder that I want to fit into them by December 8 2014!!! (I’d actually forgotten about this goal, haha)

Anyway, will try it out do it today!!!

I want to go for a run EVERYDAY this week… from today to Friday.

As a way of being committed, I will take a pic of me before and after a run and post is everyday…

So much for reducing wine this weekend

…But it wasn’t my fault though.

Friday, a friend I hadn’t seen in years was in town, so I had to see her. I had a cocktail and 2 glasses of wine. However, it may be safe to say my eating out habits have changed. Though my choice wasn’t the healthiest, it was a starter portion of wings and chips. Normally I will go for the biggest portion of whatever is on the menu. (My justification was you have left the house, might as well make sure you go all out. )

The next day I had every intention of being at home and having a night in. But I was invited to a braai and decided to go. I carried my one bottle of wine. On the food side, another plus is that I did not eat as much as I used to. There was plenty of meat, and as I type this I am actually wishing I had eaten more. But I managed to step back while everyone else went for seconds, thirds and fourths.

But, the night did go ‘down-hill’ as we ended up going out and I had a few more drinks. We did dance a lot, and that should cancel some of the calories, right?

Sunday I had no alcohol at all. My eating wasn’t too bad. I had a steak and broccoli for brunch, half a packet of potato chips (that is another plus, I had half the packet on Saturday, then finished it off on Sunday, usually I’ll eat the whole thing in one sitting) and then, shamefully, 3 red velvet cupcakes.

Dinner was the usual Sunday fare of chicken curry, rice and an egg salad. Portions were very controlled. My curries are super delicious, and I usually have a plate full of food and will go for seconds. Not this time, though.

My brain is definitely learning how to make better decisions when it comes to food. I am learning that being so full I want to vomit is very bad. (There was even a time I would purposefully eat too much with the intention of vomiting the food to create space for more).

I have moved on from over-eating and going into a space, with less effort each time, that is full of normal portions and listening to my tummy when I’ve had enough.

Aluta continua!!

I think my metabolism is fucked – Time to reduce wine

I had not realised how yo-yoing can make you gain weight until i read an article about a woman who became very obese because of it. She said she would go on a diet, lose plenty of weight, then she would go back to here old eating ways and regain all the weight, plus more.

I have also read articles on how starving yourself slows down your metabolism as your body tries to hold on to everything you eat. This means that when you eat a lot after having starved yourself, you will not be able to burn it off as you previously could. Your body holds on to this food because it is not sure when it will have its next meal.

I had been in denial about my yo-yoing, but the numbers on the scale will confirm this for me. Of late, I have been going through some days at about 1000 calories, then 2000 the next few days.

I am very aware that my metabolism is very messed up and I need to take control and be very disciplined.

I know my number one enemy at the moment is wine. It used to be potato chips. I would spend all weekend munching on potato chips, but have now managed to either not have any or only have one packet in a week, which is something I never thought possible.

I have been in denial about the impact of wine for a while. In my head, because it is a liquid, it does not count. It’s like water doesn’t count.

But one bottle is 600 calories… two bottles in one day is 1200 calories. I should be having between 1200 and 1500 calories as my daily intake for my weigh loss efforts.

I do most of my drinking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I used to have one bottle on Friday, two on Saturday then one on Sunday (forgive me if this sounds like a lot… it would be more if I wasn’t trying to lose weight, to be honest).

But I have decided to skip the Friday night drinking (either that or not eat all day? lol. I joke… or do i?) It will be very difficult for me because it is my reward for surviving the work week.

On Saturday I will only have 1 bottle. This, will also be difficult. I love sipping on a glass on Saturday afternoon as I read or watch t.v.

Unless I have a couple of glasses on Friday, then another couple on Saturday afternoon, before enjoying an evening drink with friends???

I have no problems at all not drinking on Sunday. I never used to. And I can go through the day without it.

I believe wine has played a major role in my lack of results. Other than the extra calories, it also makes me care less about what I eat.

So, this weekend will be my first attempt at a “less wine weekend”. I will try and hide from my friends, in case they tempt me to go out or have a drink up.

Let’s see how it goes.