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A couple of pics to show my progress

As I have mentioned before, the scale isn’t cooperating. And as many people have been saying to me, don’t get hung up on the numbers.

Below are images of me… one from 4 weeks ago, and another of me this afternoon at the gym.

Me on 27 July 2014
Me on 27 July 2014
Me on 28 August 2014
Me on 28 August 2014

There isn’t a huge difference, but I am definitely less bloated.

But, perhaps taking images of my progress will help me see it, and so, believe it.


Dont’ break old habits – start new ones

I just read the above statement on the MyFitnessPal blog on what to do when the scale won’t budge. Of all the things they listed, the only one that lit a light-bulb on top of my head was the last piece of advice: Dont’ break old habits – start new ones

This is definitely something anyone can do. Especially someone like me who loses the temptation fight 8 out 10 times.

Also, this is the type of attitude I have been trying to adopt, though I didn’t know it until now.

I will keep this piece of advice on the fore-front of my efforts, as it will definitely be easier for me to develop a habit of having a cup of late-afternoon tea, as compared to quitting the late afternoon chocolate or packet of chips. Or filling up my plate with veggies, as compared to having less portions of pasta.

ACTUALLY! I’ve just had a realisation – I usually dish out the carbs before I dish out the veggies onto my plate. This means I am judging how much rice or pasta to add to a big empty plate. If I add the veggies first, I will have less space on my plate for the rice/potatoes/pasta etc!

*insert pondering face here* hm…….

Is a big breakfast really a must?

I have read a million and one articles on how and why a big breakfast first thing in the morning helps in regulating your food intake throughout the day, and so, helps those wanting to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle.

However, in my case, this is not so. For me, once I open my mouth to start eating, it will not close until I go to bed.

It’s as if flood gates would have been opened and I have to keep feeding myself. From a plate of sausages and eggs wit toast, followed by a cupcake with coffee, then a banana, then lunch, then a chocolate right after and on and on and on it goes.

This is why I try to delay my first meal as much as possible. The logic behind this is that the later I start eating, the less I shall consume through out the day.

And guess what??? I eat much less throughout the day if I skip breakfast.

Normally, I will have:

a couple of glasses of water as soon as I get to work (8.30am)

A cup of coffee (9am)

A banana (12pm)

Lunch (1.30pm)

yoghurt (4pm)

Supper (7pm)

Am I starving myself? I don’t think so. Since I have started eating like this, I have fewer cravings for afternoon snacks, and I feel full all afternoon.

I am simply trying to give my body what it wants without denying myself. Strict diets were not made for people like me… I have zero discipline.

So, all I can do is learn to eat less than I have been for the last few years that has led to all this weight creeping up on me.


Enjoying the positive-attitude ride

Since I decided to stop obsessing about weight loss, I am much happier.

I am learning, slowly, but surely and with a few slip-ups here and there, how to enjoy food and have reasonable portions of food.

And because I eat much less these days, my tummy gets very painful if I eat too much, and because of that, I am learning when to stop.

I haven’t increased my gym sessions, though… still feeling lazy and learning how to motivate myself to go. I went today and had a fantastic session. I am hoping to go again tomorrow after work.

Where the scale used to hover between 89kg and 90kg, it now hovers between 88kg and 89kg, and I am hoping to continue seeing improvements going forward.

The excuses:

  • I ate well today
  • I’ll exercise tomorrow
  • I exercised yesterday
  • I’m too tired
  • One day won’t do any harm

These are the MOST common excuses I use not to go to the gym or to go for that run, or to do that Sean T video.

I saw this on my Instagram and realised THAT’S ME!!!!

The girl went on to say, just start working out and if in 5 minutes you still don’t feel like it, stop.

This is a very important statement for someone like me, because if I start, 8/10 times, I’m going to want to continue for as long as possible.

Last Sunday, I put on some music and started dancing… well, my version of dancing… and I was on my feet for 2 hours! I even sweated… a lot!

Yesterday I got home with the intentions of going for a run, but instead, I found myself jumping rope, though I only did 15 minutes, it was a good 15 minutes.

I would like to do this everyday when I get home from work… especially if I haven’t gone to the gym.

I want to SWEAT away this fat!

Hold on to this feeling

I managed to NOT go and get myself a bar of chocolate this afternoon. Instead, I had some low-fat yoghurt.

I am proud of myself, and I would like to hold on to how good it feels when I overcome the evil monster that is temptation.

I want to learn how to say NO to random snacking.

I want to learn how to NOT always need to be chewing.

I want to learn to not feel obliged to buy food just because I have the money to do so.

I want to learn how to enjoy food in a normal healthy way.

I want to learn how to know when I am full

I want to learn how to have reasonable and normal sized portions of food


Time for a new attitude

I feel as if I’m obsessing too much about this weight-loss thing. It’s the 1st thing that comes to my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I fall asleep, and through out the day, I am planning meals, fighting the ”have a cookie” demons and debating whether to go to the gym. ALL DAY LONG!

Last year I lost 7 kgs in 6 months without even trying! I developed a routine unconsciously. That routine got upset when I started a new job in a different part of time. My old job kept me busier than my new job. Also, at my old job there were always people around me, so always chewing on bad food didn’t sound like a good idea (lest i get looks of ‘don’t you ever get full?’)

This morning when I weighed myself I wanted to cry. I have never ever cried about my weight before. But this morning I had tears in my eyes. This whole process is consuming me too much.

So, what I’m going to do is try and develop a ‘gym everyday’ routine. It might be a better idea for me to go after work. Currently I go during my lunch break and I’m always in a hurry to get back to work…even if I feel like working out a bit more.

I’ll see of there are any classes that start at 5.30pm that I could start going to at the gym. And also check for weekend classes.

As far as the food is concerned. Portion control is what I need to learn. I will admit that that side of the things has improved SIGNIFICANTLY. Where I used to have 4 slices of bread, I now have 2, and where I would have a plate overflowing with rice and stew, I now have half my plate with veggies (Spinach, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower etc) and aim for half a cup of rice/pasta or whatever.

AAAAAND! I’m putting away that bloody scale!


Cheers to the weekend!

Today hasn’t been a good day

I ended up having a whole bar of Nestle White Chocolate. I inhaled it in like a minute!

Do I feel bad about it? Right now I don’t. Whats the point of eating well and not seeing any results? Might as well eat whatever I want, if that’s the case.

Anyway, I’ll take a long walk home and wallow in my misery, because the money I could have used for a taxi home, I used to buy that chocolate.

Tomorrow is another day

What am I doing wrong?

I still weigh exactly, if not more than I did 3 months ago when I joined the gym and 3 weeks ago when I started my low-carb diet….actually, I may have even gained half a kilo.

I eat less calories, I don’t drink alcohol during the week, I RARELY snack…This week I’ve totally stuck to my eating plan for the day. No potato chips, no chocolate and no muffins at all!

Right now my legs and arms are sore from working out. I sweat bucket loads when I go to the gym, I’ve walked home from work all week (except for yesterday when it was raining), today I am going to walk home again.


This is why I can’t wait to get my hands on them diet pills. Maybe they are the boost my body needs?

But one thing positive I have to say is that my old habits seem to be broken. There was a time when I’d weigh myself, see that I’ve gained weight and eat away my misery. Now, it makes me determined to work even harder!

Clearly I need to eat even less than I am now and I need to gym more.

Aluta Continua