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I think today might be a binge day

I’ve  had my lunch of chicken soup with chunks of mushroom, chicken breast and vegetables in it… but fact is, if I had carried my card, I would probably have gone out to look for something more ‘exciting’ (i.e A quarter chicken, pie, sausage roll)

It is when i feel like this that the binge monster comes to life. I have an ’empty’ stomach feeling, meaning, I could eat a whole pizza, or even a whole pack of pack of sausages, even though I had lunch 15 minutes ago.

I fear for this evening when I get home. I don’t know how I’m going to control myself. My sister might be going out tonight, which means there will be no one to give me funny looks when I decide to roast the whole pack of 10 spring rolls this evening, to be had with God knows what else.

At least I didn’t carry my card, so I won’t be able to pass through the shops.

I do, however, have enough money for a kit-kat. I had one yesterday 😦 And the way I feel, I might go and have another one.

I had another great gym session today, and I’m planning on going to the gym tomorrow as well… making it 3 gym sessions this week

Hayi, fact is, this is not easy. All I want is to see my 90.70kg drop to an 88kg and I would have achieved part 1 of my weight loss.

I was hoping to have lost at MOST 5kgs by now, since joining the gym in April. But, nope, I have gained about 1kg instead… I have lost absolutely nothing.

Well, I am not giving up, that’s for sure. I know I am capable of losing the weight. I was once at 89kg and in 2 months, I had dropped 5kg… and this was between November 2012 and January 2013….last year-ish.

The struggle continues!


90.70 kilo grams

Tha’s how much I currently weigh. That’s how much I have weighed since April of this year. Last year this time, I weighed about 83kgs. I have put on 7 kgs in one year… actually, I have put on 5 kilos in 5 months.

I am heavier than I’ve ever been in my WHOLE life….and I hate it. At the moment I can hide all the fat because its winter this side. But summer is coming, and I love wearing little dresses. I won’t be able to do so with all this weight because:

1. My arms look like very big ugly sausages

2. There will be some very painful rubbing of thighs when I walk.

So, I really need to lose weight. Not just for the vain reasons, but also because I need to be healthier. I can’t afford to be sick. I don’t want to end up with diabetes or get a stroke from very high blood pressure.

Today is another opportunity for me to make healthier food choices.

So far I’ve had 1 slice of toast (i’ve cut down from the usual 2…hopefull i’ll eventually cut out bread all together) and 3 scrambled eggs (I think 3 eggs is too many, will only do 2 going forward)

Yesterday I had a fantastic gym session (for my standards). I did 30 minutes on a mountain treadmill and burnt about 250calories, then did a 30 minute walk home after work… another 150calories, or so.

Today I shall go to the gym and push harder than I did yesterday…

Aluta continua!!


I had a big packet of potato chips yesterday *hides*

I did not even want them, I had the opportunity to have them because I was alone in the office and so, could have them without worrying about being looked at funny (I do my best binging when no one is watching ).

So, ya… I ate them 😦

Anyway, at supper time, I managed to go totally carb-free by having some cabbage and carrots with a spicy beef stew.

Today, I will be heading to the gym, to try and get my heart pumping.

Then I will come back and have chicken soup with chunks of mushrooms for lunch.

Gosh, this journey is not an easy one… but it needs to be made.

I keep surprising myself

So, yesterday, despite my starving state, managed to go to the shops and ONLY get soup and I found some spring-rolls you cook in the oven. I did not go to the chips or bakery section. I didn’t even think about it.

Though, I had pasta for supper last night, I only had half the portion I used to have during my pre-low carb days. I did have more carbs than my now usual yesterday…but of great importance was that I controlled my portions and did not binge or over indulge.

Today, I suprised myself again by going to the shops to look for lunch. I got some grilled chicken which I will have with a roll (I’ve not had my carb allocation for today). I was not even remotely tempted to get myself some chocolate, as I normally would. This is especially surprising considering how hungry I was.

I don’t know what’s happening, but I am very happy that it’s happening. Now we wait for the scale to respond accordingly.

I’m being strong

It’s now 4pm, and I have my card and cash with me…. but i’ve managed not to go and buy any food. I am being very strong…. very very very strong. However, my true test shall come when I go to the shops for my week’s food.

I might be tempted to pass by the Indian food place and get myself Chicken Tandoori….The chicken is fine, but they throw loads of potato chips in there! And, we all know I will wolf them down. I already had a cheat day yesterday, so today I will need to be disciplined.

Let’s see how it goes.

I survived the weekend!

So, I’m on day 7 of my new style of eating….low-carb. I had a great fear that I’d let myself go completely during the weekend, but I didn’t.

Actually, if I’m going to be honest, I had more calories on Saturday and Sunday that I had last week. This is mainly because I had wine and cider. Also, I ate out on Sunday, but had a meat heavy meal.

I had ZERO binge sessions ALL weekend! (well, except for the wine)…and the scale is looking lighter than it has for months!

I believe I have developed a healthier attitude towards food, because this morning I walked into two shops and only got what I needed (milk and bananas). There was a time when I would have gone straight to the bakery section and gotten myself a triple chocolate doughnut or a huge blueberry muffin.

I am praying and hoping beyond hope that I keep up this new attitude towards food: Load up on the veggies, and ONLY have carbs at breakfast.

Am I starving myself?

Day 2 of my low-carb change (I refuse to use the word diet) and I’m not feeling 100% good.

Last night I had some cabbage, which I mixed with 1 tablespoon of rice (baby steps, guys), and had it with a beef curry and spinach. It was a very good meal and I enjoyed it a lot.

Less than an hour ago I had two slices of bread (I allow myself a bit of carbs ONLY in the morning) with cheese and herbal tea. I absolutely enjoyed it.

Now, I’m definately not feeling hungry, but I’m not feeling 100% full of energy etc. Actually, I’d love to take a nap. I’d also love to go to the gym at lunch time and I hope this lethargic feeling will be gone by then.

I’ll have an orange 15 minutes before leaving the office for the gym. I should get bananas to have as my pre-gym snack, though.

Already thinking about carbs

Its been two hours since I had my first carb-free lunch…mushroom soup and two carrots. And, errrrm, I’m feeling hungry. When I was eating, I was really enjoying the meal, and I felt stuffed afterwards. I even had a whole glass of water for full measure, and thought to myself – ”this isn’t so bad, perhaps it shall work out”.

but now, two hours later, I want food. Well, a white chocolate kit kat to be specific. Based on what people say, the first couple of days are the hardest when you give up a type of food or go on a diet. So, let us see if I can be strong enough to survive until Friday. Surely by then my body should be used to the less calories and fewer carbs??? Well, it better!

I have not carried any money to work, so I have no way of giving in to my cravings and going to buy something….so it has less to do with me being ”strong” and more to do with me not having any other choice.

For now, maybe I can kill my current craving with a big cup of milky chai tea? – Let me give it a try.

I’ve decided to go low carb

I feel as if I should try something different. Going low-carb is going to be very difficult, but I’m going to give it a try.

I’m an African, who grew up in Africa and still lives in Africa, carbs are the main attraction in any and every meal. They are the beginning and ending of EVERY meal. So, by going low carb, I’ll be going against something I have known and believed my whole life.

As I said, I’m going low-carb and NOT carb-free. I believe I’ll still need to have a bit of carbs in the form of toast or cereal in the morning, before I go to the gym at lunch time (energy what what).

Cabbage, spinach, carrots, butternut are all very affordable and I will also get a packet of frozen mixed veggie chunks, also a very cheap option.

Today is the beginning of this new ‘lifestyle’. I’m not going to call it a diet, but instead, I intend of generally eating less carbs and more veggies going forward.


I’ll be having mushroom soup with chunks of mushrooms in it, as well as boiled carrots on the side. Mid-afternoon snack will be a cup of milky chai tea. Then for dinner, I’m going to finely slice cabbage and treat is as ‘pasta’, with some beef.

The supper part of this all is going to be hard because I live with my sister, and she is not keen on ‘healthy’ eating…she loves her carbs! fortunately for her, God blessed her with ‘thiness’. But I’m going to try and convince her to eat less carbs with me.

Lets see how it goes.